After the suspension period expires, you can contact your local DPS office to restore your license. You are responsible for paying a reinstatement fee, which is usually $125. Your lawyer can confirm your eligibility for reinstatement before registering by logging into the DPS website. In Texas, in almost every case where a driver is stopped for driving under the influence of alcohol (DWI), they will have to deal with two cases. First of all, DWI`s arrest obviously leads to criminal charges. Second, what many drivers don`t know is that their arrest for DWI also leads to an additional lawsuit against them, a civil lawsuit against their driving privileges. This second case is called the Administrative License Revocation (ALR) procedure. It is initiated either by the refusal of a citizen to undergo breath or blood tests, or by the presumed failure of a breath or blood test by a citizen. If unpaid DRP supplements are the only reason for your suspension and you do not owe a reinstatement fee for other suspensions, your licence should have been automatically reinstated on September 1. To check if you have any other suspensions or if you have to pay a reinstatement fee, go to and select “Reinstatement and Driver`s Licence Status”.

If your license is suspended among other programs in addition to the DRP, you must meet the requirements of those programs before obtaining a valid license. Even if you don`t have any other suspension or reinstatement fees, you may need to renew your driver`s licence or obtain a copy of it. For example, if you need a copy of your license because it has been retired, you`ll need to order one via DPS for $11. If your license expired during the suspension period, you will need to renew it via DPS for $25. This can usually be done online at; Select Driver`s License/Renewal/ID Replacement. A driver who undergoes an ALR suspension, either automatically or after a hearing, must submit a reinstatement fee of $125.00 to the Texas Department of Public Safety as well as a special DPS form before driving privileges are restored, regardless of when the suspension period is due to end or if the license is not reinstated. While this issue is currently being considered by the Texas Courts of Appeals, the current DPS policy is to maintain a driver`s suspension indefinitely until the $125.00 reinstatement fee is received and reserved for the DPS computer system. Yes, if you request the hearing within 15 days of receiving the DIC-25. If the hearing is granted and the finding is negative, the pending suspension will be lifted and all reinstatement fees associated with the suspension will be reimbursed.

However, if the conclusion is confirmed, the suspension begins on the 1st day following the judge`s decision. NOTE: An affirmative finding may be appealed. It depends on a number of things, including how long your license has been suspended, whether you owe a reinstatement fee, and whether you have any other suspensions or detention rights. To check the status of your driver`s licence or to determine if you are eligible for reinstatement, visit the Licence Eligibility website. On this page you will find information about what you will need to get your driver`s license or driving privilege back, including any fees you may owe. Once all compliance points have been processed and your mandatory lock-up period has expired, your driver eligibility status will be updated to reflect “eligible”. Driving under the influence of alcohol (DWI) or boating under the influence of alcohol (BWI) often leads to arrest in Texas. If you`ve had the unfortunate experience of being arrested by a police officer for an alleged DWI charge, you probably don`t know what to expect. Individuals can check if they have a reinstatement fee by going to and selecting “Reinstatement and Driver`s License Status”. You can pay the fee online or by mail. Unfortunately, there is no program to reduce or waive reinstatement fees.

If you have no further stops, after paying the reinstatement fee, you can either request a copy of your driver`s license, renew your driver`s license or, if your driver`s license has expired more than two years ago, apply for and retest a driver`s license. Currently, there is a lawsuit against DPS over the DRP program. This case is still pending, and it is unclear what impact the repeal will have on it. .