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Finding a professional and competent attorney to consult on your legal matters is never an easy task. That is where eLegal Advice comes in. We ensure you get the right information at the right time.

eLegal Advice helps you to get legal help online. We connect you with lawyers in Nigeria, India, UAE and the UK. Our online community brings together clients and attorneys from across the world and is the quickest, simplest and most affordable way to get legal help in Nigeria, India, UAE and the UK.

eLegal Advice provides you with instant free access to professional advice from experienced lawyers, a wide range of legal information, a unique lawyer directory and much more.

Within few clicks, you will be able to arrange a meeting, hire a lawyer, request a callback from an attorney, contact a lawyer using online chat or post your question on the website and receive answers from experienced attorneys at no charge within hours.

eLegal Advice is the simplest way to get legal help online.

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Your request will only be sent to the duly licensed practising lawyers, who are bound to keep your information confidential under our terms as well as the legal industry’s code of conduct.

Yes, the use of the eLegal Advice website is completely free, except for when you initiate a service request or buy a fixed fee service.

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