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This service will help you to find the right lawyer, quickly and conveniently, by allowing you to get quotes from lawyers in our network. Submit your request and get multiple competitive offers from qualified lawyers. Save time and money. Review the quotes, compare the experience, price and expertise of lawyers to ensure you hire the right one for the legal services you need.

Time-limit: 5 business days
Just describe your legal needs, submit your request and start getting offers from lawyers who are interested in providing you with the requested service.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Submit your Request a Service (RAS).
  • Choose from pro bono, contingent payment or upfront payment.
  • Wait for our response
  • Decide which of the offer from us suits you.

For some legal issues, services can be handled pro bono (no payment).

Your request will only be sent to the duly licensed practising lawyers, who are bound to keep your information confidential under our terms as well as the legal industry’s code of conduct.

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