How it works (for lawyers)

Let's make access to legal help online easy.
  • Answer legal questions

    Receive law-related questions from clients and give responses.

  • Receive callback requests

    Speak with potential clients over the phone about their legal issues.

  • Chat with Clients

    Chat with registered clients on eLegal Advice about their legal issues and get paid for services rendered.

  • Become a licensed attorney

    Join a pool of highly qualified licensed attorneys.

  • Become a top law firm

    Register your law firm and get qualified leads in your area.

  • Receive legal service requests.

    Receive requests for a legal service, send quotes to clients, agree on a price, perform a service, and get paid.

Our platform provides a higher return on investment for participating law firms than most currently available generally accessible customers acquisition channels.

With eLegal Advice participating lawyers show their expertise, establish a reputation and build trust with prospective clients.

Attorneys not only acquire new clients for the law firms through the platform but also build their personal profiles. This could be a great asset for their career building as well as for potential employers and recruiters. Attorneys keep their profile including rating, awards, testimonials, etc., even if they change the law firm.


Your request will only be sent to the duly licensed practising lawyers, who are bound to keep your information confidential under our terms as well as the legal industry’s code of conduct.

Yes, the use of the eLegal Advice website is completely free, except for when you initiate a service request or buy a fixed fee service.

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