Apply for High Potential Individuals Visa for UK

Foreign Nationals who freshly gained an overseas degree-level academic qualification from a superior international university and want to come to the UK to search for a job or work are meant to apply for the High Potential Individual (HPI) visa.

Some notable points for you to consider before applying for the HPI visa are;

  • You are allowed to apply within or from outside the UK
  • A job offer is not required before you can apply
  • Degree-level qualifications gained from UK universities are not qualified to apply.

Eligibility Criteria

  • For you to qualify for the HPI visa, there are certain requirements that you must meet which are;
  • Have at least level B1 in the English Language
  • You should possess adequate personal savings to support yourself while in the UK. If you have been in the UK for a year and more this criterion does not apply to you
  • Possess a qualification on par with a UK bachelor’s degree, UK postgraduate degree, or UK Ph.D. or a doctorate from a qualified university acquired in the last five (5) years.

What Disqualifies You?

There are certain situations that make you ineligible to apply for the HPI Visa and they are;

  • If you have been previously awarded an HPI visa. This scheme only permits one to apply once.
  • If you were formerly granted a graduate visa
  • When you have spent time in the UK as a Doctorate Extension Scheme Student

High Potential Individual Visa University List

The HPI Visa is published and updated by the UK government every year. The list contains the top non-UK universities that are eligible for their students to apply for the HPI visa. Click here to visit the official High potential Individual Visa UK Universities.

Required Documents for the High Potential UK Visa

In order for your application for the HPI visa to be seamless and successful, you are expected to have and provide all the necessary documents for this application. The documents required by the UK Visa and Immigration are;

  1. Your valid passport to prove your identity
  2. Your bank statement shows you have had the sum of 1,270 in savings for the past 28 days before you applied
  3. A confirmation statement from Ecctis to show that your qualification is qualified for the HPI Visa scheme.
  4. Proof of reaching the English Language requirement such as a pass certificate
  5. if you are already in the UK, you are to provide a biometric residence permit (BRP)or any other evidence of your immigration status
  6. The HPI visa scheme allows you to bring your dependant to the UK, so if you intend to apply with your dependants you have to show evidence of your relationship with them.
  7. Tuberculosis test results

Application Process For the UK High Potential Individual Visa

  1. Apply to Ecctis and confirm if your qualification is valid
  2. Complete and submit the HPI application form online
  3. Pay the application fees
  4. Book an appointment to provide your biometrics using the UK Immigration; ID check app
  5. Upload all necessary documents to UKVI
  6. Attend your biometric appointment and provide your biometrics


With an HPI visa, you will be allowed to stay in the UK for a period of up to 2 or 3 years. Once an initial staying period has been granted, the HPI Visa cannot be extended beyond the initial period. You as a holder of the HPI visa can switch to other visas like the family visa, and global talent visa before the HPI visa expires so you can have a longer stay.

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