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eLegal is a platform that has answers to all legal questions. Our law and legal services in UAE incline towards facilitating legal help to those who cannot afford to hire an attorney. Hence, no matter what legal issue one is facing, our team is always ready to bring answers to your legal queries. Below-mentioned are some of the legal areas for which you can get answers at our online platform. 

  1. Accident and road laws- Accident and road laws are quite complicated. If not understood correctly, they can lead to severe complications. We understand that not everybody knows everything about laws related to roads and accidents. Therefore, we answer queries related to car accidents, motorcycle accidents, construction accidents, slip and fall accidents, wrongful death and other laws concerning the same. eLegal’s team is the most reliable way to get legal help online in UAE. 

  2. Debt and bankruptcy-related laws- Another common legal area where people seek law legal services in UAE. eLegal also answers questions related to bankruptcy laws, credit issues, debt-related legalities and other related issues. 

  3. Business law- After family, business is the second most crucial thing in one’s life. We understand the importance of business in a person’s life. Hence, we do our best to assist them to handle all the legal issues related to it. From the legal formalities required to start a business to franchise law, one can get all their queries related to business. 

  4. Child custody- Dealing with child custody is complicated both legally and professionally. Our service of providing legal advice online in UAE includes helping people with child custody cases. Whether the queries are related to the procedure or the basics and rights, eLegal can answer them all. 

  5. Criminal laws- We also answer all questions related to the basics of criminal laws, arrests and searches, property crimes, juvenile laws and everything else. 

  6. Divorce- Like all other family laws, divorce also needs to get handled professionally. We provide legal advice in UAE online on divorce matters and related concerns. 

  7. Real estate law- From buying a property to leasing one, whatever be your query, eLegal has an answer. We present legal online advice in UAE to assist people dealing with properties in a legally correct way. 

  8. Immigration law- A lot of people migrate to the UAE in search of opportunities. The immigration procedure involves numerous legalities. eLegal provides legal services in UAE and answers questions related to the basics, citizenships and others.
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