eLegal provides free legal counsel online in UK for those who cannot afford professional legal aid. Legal advice is the guidance given by a lawyer on a specific legal issue based on their knowledge and experience. By recommending certain steps to be taken or refraining from doing something, they advise on the legal effect of a given situation. Legal advice includes informal initial contact with a lawyer as well as advice provided in the event of becoming a client.

The advice given before becoming a client is for general comments only and does not create a lawyer/client relationship. However, once you sign a contract with your lawyer or meet other legal requirements, the advice you receive is more formal and is provided as part of your contract with your attorney.

Most people are familiar with the scenario of legal advice. But, eLegal’s legal online advice in UK is a service that brings numerous questions to one’s mind. Hence below are some of the common queries answered by our professionals. 

Who can get online legal aid from eLegal?

The answer is if you are in UAE, UK, or Nigeria and facing a legal issue, eLegal is here to answer your legal questions for free. All it requires is to enter your question on our online legal help portal. After this, one of the lawyers concerned with the particular legal area will answer your question. 

What legal questions can one ask at eLegal?

ALL! Yes, eLegal answers all legal queries. Whether family law concerns, business, online legal advice on property in UK and all the other legal concerns. We are a team of lawyers in every legal area. So, you do not have to worry to find a different place for different queries, as eLegal is a one-stop solution for all free legal online advice in United Kingdom

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