Opening a Branch of a Foreign Company in Dubai; Guide and Steps to Follow

As a business owner who owns a business or company outside Dubai, it is possible for you to have a branch of your business in Dubai by registering a branch. A branch of your company is an extension of an already existing company in another jurisdiction. Though a branch if successfully registered in Dubai is […]

Company Directors; Navigating their Duties in the UK


The Directors of a company are the backbone of a company, they ensure the survival and successful existence of the company. The law charges directors in the UK with general duties and responsibilities. The directors are generally responsible for the management of the company and decide on operational and strategic decisions involving the company. The […]

Guide On How to Sue for Medical Negligence in Nigeria

Sadly, many people have lost their lives as a result of medical negligence of health practitioners because of several reasons ranging from misdiagnosing of patients, or rightly diagnosed but administered wrong medication. In our last blog post, we discussed what constituted medical negligence, in this post, we will be demystifying how you can use a […]

Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

Dubai is an international hub for start-ups and massive business enterprises, it is no doubt that the country will have to initiate means to encourage its Nationals and ex-pats to set up companies in Dubai. There are many options available to you if you want to set up a company in Dubai with massive benefits […]

Apply for High Potential Individuals Visa for UK

Foreign Nationals who freshly gained an overseas degree-level academic qualification from a superior international university and want to come to the UK to search for a job or work are meant to apply for the High Potential Individual (HPI) visa. Some notable points for you to consider before applying for the HPI visa are; Eligibility […]

Importance of Pre-Nuptial Agreement in the Uk

The idea of signing a pre-nuptial agreement before marriage may seem pessimistic but this is not the intent of this agreement. Apart from the high rate of divorce in the UK, prenuptial agreements are a rational way of starting out marriage with a shared sense of candour and uprightness. A pre-nuptial agreement is often known […]

Rights of Private Employees under the Nigerian Law

Employees in Nigeria have often times recounted their tales of how they were treated wrongly and their reactions to such treatment from their employers. It has become pertinent for us to highlight some of the rights you have as an employee in Nigeria and how you can legally exercise such rights. The primary legislation governing […]

Additional Deadline to Change Unlimited Job Contracts in UAE

Formerly under the United Arab Emirates Labour Law, employees were employed based on an unlimited-term contract. This law was modified to become a limited-term contract in which employers were given a deadline to implement. The former deadline and the new deadline will be reviewed in this post. The Former Deadline After the new Labour law […]

What You Need To Know About Inheritance Law in the UAE

The personal Status Law of the UAE has defined inheritance as the “imperative devolution of the property and financial rights upon the death of the owner to those deserving. In this post, you will be made to understand the nuances of the devolution of property to the deserving heirs of a deceased in the UAE […]

Understanding Medical Negligence in Nigeria

Negligence is the failure of one to use reasonable care as a reasonably prudent person would use under normal and similar circumstances. Negligence can occur in any profession and the medical profession is not left out. Medical Negligence is a breach of duty by a doctor to his patient to exercise reasonable care or skill […]

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