Demystifying Trademark Law and Registration in the UAE

Trademark Law

Trademark law plays a vital role in protecting brand identities and fostering healthy competition within any jurisdiction. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), safeguarding intellectual property is a top priority, making trademark registration a crucial step for businesses looking to establish a strong foothold. Trademarks act as exclusive symbols that distinguish one company’s goods or […]

The Future of Financial Crime Prevention in the UAE

Financial Crime Prevention in the UAE

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the battle against financial crimes has reached a critical juncture. Across the globe, governments and businesses alike are grappling with the rising tide of money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, and other illicit financial activities. For businesses in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a region known for its bustling finance […]

Overview of Divorce Rules in Nigeria

Divorce Rules in Nigeria

When two parties come together to live as husband and wife and raise a family, disputes are inevitable in this relationship because of the difference in culture and lifestyle of both parties before coming together to start a family. Some of these disputes and differences can be settled amicably by both parties or with the […]

Student Loan Law; Requirements and Application Process in Nigeria

Student Loan in Nigeria

The Nigerian Government has recently passed into Law “The Access to Higher Education Act, 2023” into Law which is also known as the ‘Student Loan Act’. The motive for passing the Law is to allow Nigerian students in government-owned higher institutions to easily access non-interest loans to help them fund their higher education with the […]

How You Can Renew Your UAE Emirate Id from Anywhere in the World

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) has introduced an easy way for holders of the Emirate Identity Card to renew it remotely from anywhere around the world without having to be present in the UAE. The Emirate ID is a compulsory official identity card that indigenes and ex-pats in the […]

Incorporating a Security Company in Nigeria; Steps and Requirements

Incorporating a private Security Company in Nigeria requires you to first register the company with the CAC which has to be registered as a private limited liability company. Steps to Incorporating a Security Company The steps to follow in incorporating a security company in Nigeria are; Requirements for Incorporating a Security Company Requirements for Acquiring […]

Opening a Branch of a Foreign Company in Dubai; Guide and Steps to Follow

As a business owner who owns a business or company outside Dubai, it is possible for you to have a branch of your business in Dubai by registering a branch. A branch of your company is an extension of an already existing company in another jurisdiction. Though a branch if successfully registered in Dubai is […]

Company Directors; Navigating their Duties in the UK


The Directors of a company are the backbone of a company, they ensure the survival and successful existence of the company. The law charges directors in the UK with general duties and responsibilities. The directors are generally responsible for the management of the company and decide on operational and strategic decisions involving the company. The […]

Guide On How to Sue for Medical Negligence in Nigeria

Sadly, many people have lost their lives as a result of medical negligence of health practitioners because of several reasons ranging from misdiagnosing of patients, or rightly diagnosed but administered wrong medication. In our last blog post, we discussed what constituted medical negligence, in this post, we will be demystifying how you can use a […]

Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

Dubai is an international hub for start-ups and massive business enterprises, it is no doubt that the country will have to initiate means to encourage its Nationals and ex-pats to set up companies in Dubai. There are many options available to you if you want to set up a company in Dubai with massive benefits […]

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