New Minimum Wage UK

Workers in the UK will enjoy a new minimum wage from £9.50 to £10.42 an hour in April 2023. The increase to the National Living Wage applies to workers aged 23 and over and will boost the pay of about two million people. The increase amounts to a 9.7% increase and is aimed at helping […]

New UAE Rule On Job Contracts

In order to enable a more balanced environment for both employers and employees in the UAE, the UAE government has updated its regulations on employment relationships which will further provide flexibility between employers and employees. The new UAE labor law came into effect on the 22nd day of February 2022. In this post, we shall […]

POLAND WORK VISA Getting A Poland Work Visa

Poland is one of the countries situated in central Europe, with its capital Warszawa (Warsaw). Interestingly, its native language is Polish and they also speak English. The currency is the Zloty (PLN). Poland work authorization is a requirement to be eligible for a D-type visa and to live there. Visas and work permits are not […]

What You Need To Know About Uk Spouse Visa Application

The United Kingdom has made provisions for all foreign nationals to come and live in the UK with their spouse or settled partner for thirty months(30) which can be extended upon renewal. This can be done through the Spouse Visa Application. The UK spouse visa is also known as the “UK Marriage Visa”. The spouse […]

Uk Visas Sponsor Jobs For Foreigners

UK VISA EMPLOYMENT SPONSORSHIP FOR SKILLED WORKERS: All you need to know Non-UK residents require permission to work in the UK hence, those who desire to work in the UK will need to apply for a work visa. The UK government has in recent times made job openings for foreigners from other countries who fit […]

How To Inherit A Pension From A Spouse In The Uk

This post has become imminent as death is an inevitable occurrence, one has to know and prepare as to what will happen to their pension after their demise. In this post, we will be explaining to you what happens to your pension after death and what makes you eligible to inherit the pension of your […]

How A Foreigner Can Start A Business In Nigeria

Foreign investment is highly encouraged and welcomed in Nigeria as it is a means to boost its economy. Nigeria also operates a free-market economy that has no restrictions on foreigners starting up a business in Nigeria and this makes it one of the more reasons why it is encouraged for you to start up a […]

Helpful Guidance To Help Make Travelling A Piece Of Cake

The Lost City The Lost City The Lost City The Lost City Full Movie The Lost City Full Movie The Lost City Full Movie Stream The Lost City Full Movie Reddit The Lost City Full Movie Streaming The Lost City Full Movie Online The Lost City Full Movie Online Watch The Lost City The Lost […]

Benefits to Using Online Legal Services

We all require law advice online in UAE at some point in our lives. It could be because we are seeking a long-term goal of venturing into the turbulent but rewarding field of entrepreneurship, protecting an intellectual property that you have worked so hard to realize within a couple of years, and a plethora of other situations […]

Get Legal Advice on a Property Dispute from Property Lawyers.

Property disputes are a widespread occurrence in India. Legal advice on property disputes, on the other hand, will allow you to exhale a sigh of relief. Nowadays, several reputable websites offer online legal advice on property in UK that experienced property lawyers successfully resolve. What is a Property Dispute? A property dispute is any legal dispute involving […]